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✋ Notification Throttling

Throttiling allows you to prevent software bugs or UX flaws from flooding your end-users with too many notifications.

How does it work?

You can pick how many of the same notification you want to allow to be sent to a user within a given time window.

For example, if you configure throttling to allow 5 delivery_tracking notifications within one hour, it means that:

  • You can still send 10 delivery_tracking notifications to 10 different users within one hour
  • The same user can only receive 5 within one hour
  • The 6th delivery_tracking notification to the same user within one hour will be ignored
  • Ignored requests are properly logged in our logs and insights features

How to use the throttling feature?

Throttling can be configured on a per-notification basis in the notification configuration page.

It is disabled by default.