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🥈 Sub Notifications

Sub notifications are used to provide more granularity to end-users in their notification preferences. With subNotificationId, a user can sub/unsub to subgroup of a notification.

Example 1: Project Management Tool

Imagine notifications such as "task completed" for a project management software. The software supports having multiple projects and you want users to select which projects they receive "task completed" notifications from. subNotificationId allows you to subscribe users to "task completed" notifications of some projects, but not others.

Example 2: Facebook

Facebook generates "new post from group" notifications. These notifications look and work exactly the same, however they are generated from different groups which notify different users.

In this example, subNotificationId can be used to specify which group the "new post from group" notification belongs to. This allows the users to subscribe/unsubscribe to groups individually.

How to Implement

1. Sending Notifications

Simply specify the subNotificationId parameter when using the send function in our back-end. (reference)

subNotificationId: 'categoryA',

2. User Preferences

If you are using our API/SDK to explicitly set user preferences, you can specify the subNotificationId parameter in the setUserPreferences function. See reference.

If you are using our user preferences widget, sub-toggles will automatically appear for the subNotifications so users can opt in or out of them.