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👥 Deduplication

Deduplication is the process of detecting duplicates in a system and removing them.

In NotificationAPI, this refers to the process of detecting duplicate notifications (same user, same channel, same content) and preventing them from being sent.

What constitutes a duplicate?

A notification is duplicate if it is:

  • The same notification type, e.g. order_tracking
  • Being sent to the same user ID
  • Using the same channels as before, e.g. email & in-app
  • With the same exact content (same subject, same message, same attachments, ...)

How does it work?

When setting up deduplication, you are asked to select a deduplication duration. This is the window of time during which we will consider a notification a duplicate of another.

Example: duplication window of 1 hour

  • A notification is sent to user at 10:00:00AM (successful)
  • Same notification to user at 10:59:59AM (ignored)
  • Same notification to user at 11:02:00AM (successful)

Ignored requests are properly logged in our logs and insights features

How to use the deduplication feature?

Deduplication is a feature that can be enabled on a per-notification basis in the notification configuration page.

It is disabled by default.