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🌐 Web Push

Web push notifications look almost identical to native notification on the device. However, they require the user to opt-in from their browser when they are on your website/front-end.

Not to be confused with Mobile Push notifications that are truly native (delivered from installed apps), or In-App Notifications that are displayed inside your UI, e.g. inside a bell icon or webpage.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome v20 (2012)
  • Safari 7 (2013)
  • Edge v14 (2016)
  • Firefox 22 (2013)
  • Opera 23 (2014)
  • Chrome Android v42 (2015)
  • Firefox Android v22 (2013)
  • Opera Android v29 (2015)
  • Safari iOS v16.4 (2023)
  • Samsung Internet v4 (2016)
  • WebView Android: Not Supported.


  • Our front-end SDK which takes care of the opt-in process, subscribing user's devices, ...

Check our Send a Push Notification guide.

Important Features

  • Visual editor
  • Supports all devices
  • Supports image and icon
  • Supports redirecting the user to a URL when they click on the notification

Tracked Events

  • Delivery
  • Opens and Clicks (Coming soon)