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📄 How does it work?

  1. You configure and design your notifications on our dashboard
  • Pick the channels
  • Visually design the emails, in-app, ...
  • Set options like Deduplication, Digest, ...
  1. Trigger sending the notification to a user from your back-end
  • You can use our REST API or one of our SDKs
  • NotificationAPI sends the notifications based on your configuration, brand, and designs
  • In-app notifications are delivered via our pre-built widget which you can integarte into your front-end
  1. We track the notifications end-to-end which you can monitor on our dashboard

  2. We also provide a notification preferences widget which you can add to your front-end to allow users to manage their notifications settings.


Notice that these steps don't require any infrastructure, database, another email service, Twilio, ...

We manage all the necessary services, integrations, and infrastructure necessary.