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Merge Tags

Used to customize the templates with dynamic data or logic.


  • Customizing the content: Hello {{firstName}}
  • Redirecting the user to a dynamic location:{{alerts[0].id}}
  • Showing dynamic images:{{user.imagePath}}.png
  • Logic (if, loops) in the templates: You have alert{%if alerts.size>1%}s{%endif%}!

We have built our templating engine based on Shopify's Liquid, so you can use the same syntax and features.

Passing dynamic data from the back-end

Use the mergeTags fields in the SDKs or APIs to pass in dynamic data. You can even pass in very complex objects and arrays.

mergeTags: {
firstName: 'John',
accountId: 123,
isActivated: true,
alerts: [
id: 123,
title: 'This is a new alert!'

Displaying merge tags in templates

In any of the template editors, use {{ and }} to display dynamic values:

Template Editor
Hello {{ firstName }}!

Your have a new alert: {{ alerts[0].title }}

You can use tags pretty much everywhere:

  • Email Subject Line
  • Email Content: Text, Button Link, Image Link, ...
  • All fields of In-App, SMS, Call, Mobile Push and Web Push


You can use filters to format the data passed. For example, you can use the following snippet to capitalize the firstName: {{ firstName | capitalize }}

You can also chain filters together: {{ firstName | capitalize | strip }}.

Some of the most valuable filters are:

  • date: Useful for formatting dates and times. reference
  • capitalize: Capitalizes the first letter of a string. reference
  • downcase: Converts a string to lowercase. reference
  • upcase: Converts a string to uppercase. reference
  • replace: Replaces all occurrences of a substring with another substring. reference
  • truncate: Truncates a string to a specified length. reference
  • size: Returns the number of items in an array or characters in a string. reference

List of all filters and their references

Conditional Logic (if, else)

You can use conditional logic to show or hide content based on the data passed in.

Template Editor
{% if firstName %}
Hello {{firstName}}!
{% else %}
Hello there!
{% endif %}

Supported Operators

  • Comparison: ==, !=, , <, >=, <=
  • Logic: and, or

A more complex example:

Template Editor
{% if alerts and alerts.size > 1 %}
You have {{alerts.size}} new alerts!
{% elseif alerts and alerts.size == 1 %}
You have a new alert!
{% else %}
You have no new alerts.
{% endif %}

You can also use switch/case style conditions. reference

Loops (for)

You can use loops to repeat words or even sections of the templates:

Template Editor
{% for alert in alerts %}
Alert: {{alert.title}}
{% endfor %}

More complex examples with else, break and continue.